Deprem Dalgasının Faz Karakteristikleri veDeprem Dalgasının Faz Karakteristikleri ve Uygulamasına İlişkin İnceleme Uygulamasına İlişkin İnceleme
Deprem Dalgasının Faz Karakteristikleri ve Uygulamasına İlişkin İnceleme.

Ohsaki Y., Iwaski R., Ohkawa I., Masso T.

Çeviren .

İpek M.


In this paper, a number of problems on characteristics of modal phases contained in earthquake ground motions are discussed, which have rather been overlooked in the past in contrast with the importance laid on characteristics of modal amplitudes. Particularly, the significance of the conpect of phase differences in certain properties of earthquake ground motions is emphasized. A few applications of this new concept to earthquake engineering problems are proposed as well.

Primary findings presented in this paper are :

(1) Probability distributions of phase angles contained in most accelerograms of actual earthquake motions are uniform.

(2) However, the probability distributions of their phase differences are normal or normal-like in shape.

(3) A certain correlation seems to be present between the shape of probability distribution of phase differences for an earthquake motion and the general shape of the same motion in time-domain.

(4) The depiction of the phase wave or the distribution of the phase in the record of earthquake motion.

(5) The use of the concept of phase differences, instead of multiplication by a conventional, envelope function; results in the Improvement of convergence and stability in iterative computation process for producing a spectrum­consistent, simulated earthquake motion.

(6) Theoretical proof of the above matters seems to be within the bounds of possibilities, while the analysis presented in this paper is no more than preliminary